Vitra Multispot

Quantel Medical Vitra Multispot 532 nm Laser

Quantel Medical presents the new generation 532 nm laser. Users' wishes were incorporated into the design of the new Vitra during its development. The Vitra is very compact and portable and can therefore be used in numerous places. Its ease-of-use also makes the Vitra more efficient. The latter is in part due to the touch screen operation and the clear menu. User set-up time is minimised thanks to memory settings. This also makes it possible for five different users to save three pre-programmed settings per user. With the new footpedal concept and the Vitra click wheel, all laser parameters can be set easily. Thanks to the micro pulse time, there is little to no pain sensation so that, using the different patterns, a full PRP can be treated in only 2 sessions.

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