Retcam 3

The latest developments on the field of pediatric imaging are assimilated in the Retcam 3.The Retcam 3 gives the specialist the ability to get a perfect image of the entire fundus, for exemple neonatal patients. Also, because of the new software, 2 minute-video’s can be made from which, if desired, individual frames can be stored after. With this new software, there are many more opportunities to edit the images during and after the screening. Trough using advanced lenses the ability is created to get up to 130° widescreen material. The Retcam 3 gives the ability to diagnose disorders as ROP, retinoblastoma and Shaken Baby Syndrome, while there disorders, in some cases, were not even detectable with the traditional methods in the past. By using the in software integrated, advanced filters it is in lots of cases not even needed to apply FA any more. A fluorescence angiography module is available on Retcam 3.

The Retcam 3 consists of:

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