The new standard in phacoemulsification

The Pentasys Qube is the modern standard in anterior and posterior segment surgery. The Qube has been developed to enable you to work as efficiently as possible. The new state of the art design and intuitive user interface makes this machine particularly easy to use. The one hand cassette system provides a cost efficient alternative whilst still being of very high quality. Safety is guaranteed by the constant provision of excellent anterior eye chamber stability even during potential occlusions or when using a strong vacuum. The flow rate of the Qube is exceptional and opens up new possibilities for removing cataracts as efficiently as possible.

The Qube is also equipped with a modern Venturi pump, a responsive system that gives you more control. So you can rely upon the guaranteed stability of the anterior eye chamber. The Pentasys Qube is available from mid May. The Rockmed team would be happy to introduce you to this new standard in phacoemulsification.

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